Friday, September 2, 2011

One Email

Some time late last year, I’m not sure exactly the date, I did a web search of my name. Just curious I guess about what was being said, if anything, about my artwork. That search led me to a review about one of my steel wall pieces by Ricë Freeman Zachery. She liked it and wrote some nice things. So I emailed her and thanked her. That led to more emails and then to a pod cast which led to more emails and an on line friendship was born. Then last month I got to meet Ricë and her husband Earl at Art Unraveled here in Phoenix. They are both fabulous people but there’s more. Maybe it was the timing. They say the universe will bring you what you need 1. when you need it or 2. when you’re ready for it. For me it was the latter, I was ready.

I guess the best way to describe what the last few months have been like is a road trip. You’re driving along and all of a sudden there’s this great attraction and you’ve got to stop and see it up close. It’s at that moment that you realize that the point of the journey is not the destination but all the stops you make along the way. Every time you turn a corner there is something else to experience. And if you’re ready and open minded you also realize that these are not meaningless side trips. You are supposed to be here at this place and at this time because something extraordinary is happening. Your consciousness is expanding and along with it you begin to see all the new places you can take your creativity. And along with that there is the discovery of a world of talented mixed media artists (I now know about Robyn Gordon), of altering fabric (I now know about Alabama Chanin, Jude Hill and Lori Marsha), of Ted Talks, and of many more people and ideas than I can name in this post.

So for me it feels like the journey has only started and it all began with one email. Thanks Ricë.