Sunday, November 18, 2012

night shots

I often read on other artist’s blogs how their husband or wife or significant other is not interested in their art. Artists are a strange lot and not everyone can have the same passion for creativity. For some that may be a good thing. Many of us like to be alone in the studio however we all want to be understood by our partners. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. My husband Gary totally enjoys my artistic lifestyle and is very supportive. To help me have more time to do what I love, make art, he began taking the photos of my work for my website and for the galleries that represent me. What started out as a task has turned into a real interest for him. And as time goes on I see that interest turning into a passion. A week ago he took a class in night photography at the local arts center and here are a few of what I thought were some very cool pictures.

the art museum

the canopies above

cactus shadows

a fountain with a long exposure looks like smoke

illuminated panels

canopy tie rods

and my favorite...window in a concrete wall

all photos by Gary Smith