Saturday, July 5, 2014

time waits for no man (or woman)

I was shocked to see that my last post was back in January. I'm not sure where the time has gone. I know this sounds weird but I've been trying to slow things down by doing less and being more mindful of the things I'm doing. And I've tried not to have a schedule. Yes I still have my part time day job but for the other days, the days that are mine, I've done fewer things but accomplished more. Instead of having a to-do list of 10 things I now pick 1 or 2 and spent more time with each of them.

It really hit me when I read this recent blog post entitled "Choices, distractions and trade-offs" by Skylark Writing Studio about not being able to have three things in your life. I think that's what I've finally discovered. Please go there and read what she has to say about how we choose to spend our time.

When I was a teenager I would hang posters in my bedroom that had what I thought were profound sayings. One was a picture of a roller coaster with these words "I bought you one ticket", my mother said, "choose your ride with care." I'm not sure I *got* it then. I get it now.