Friday, June 17, 2016

embracing the incomplete

I've been away. Not in location but in spirit. Rethinking. Reinventing, Regrouping, Changing directions. It was time. But it took time. And I'm not even sure if I've arrived. But that's okay. They say it's the journey not the destination that's important. And in that regard the destination is like "tomorrow" in the song, it's always a day away. 

And about the new name for my blog...embracing the me those words give me the opportunity to adjust my path as I evolve and hopefully my growth never ends and so it remains incomplete as long as I'm alive.

Creativity is in my blood. For as long as I can remember I've been designing and making functional and decorative art. The process (design, sketch, ponder, repeat) can be fun and rewarding but also difficult and at times frustrating - things don't always turn out the way I think they will. The incomplete means there are no dead ends. I'm not hung up on perfection which only exists in my mind and not in real life. It allows me to move on, to keep learning, keep practicing, each piece building on what I learned from the one past. It's embracing the incomplete in my life and in my art that keeps me moving forward.

Hopefully I'll write more often but who knows. I'm more comfortable expressing myself through a visual language than the written word so we'll just have to see. If you're interested in seeing the new direction please visit my website.

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