Sunday, October 2, 2011

road trip

The Obsidian Gallery that represents my art in Tucson recently moved to the downtown arts district aka the Central Tucson Gallery Association. Yesterday was First Saturday which means all the galleries were open from 6pm to 9pm for an art walk. I didn’t know this when my husband Gary and our good friend Michael Swearngin headed down to Tucson to check out the new location but it turned out to be a happy coincidence.

Michael is a talented painter who is living the dream of being a full time artist. Something I aspire to (I still have my part time day job). He is very supportive and quick to share his knowledge of the art world. I like to think of him as my “go to guy” when situations arise regarding business and best of all he’s someone I can talk to about the creative process.

Tucson is about an hour and forty five minute drive from our house and unfortunately very flat and not very exciting but with good company and conversation the time went by quickly. We arrived, parked the car and began walking. To my pleasant surprise there were some pretty funky spaces and some interesting art. And I’m happy to say there were no traditional southwest paintings of cowboys and Indians and cattle drives. I know there is an audience for that subject matter but it’s not me. I’m a lover of all things contemporary and cutting edge. And the storefronts of these building were just terrific. Steel frames and doors….

I love, love, love this stuff and I think I need to make one for the front door to my house which would be the entry to my studio.

That's Gary and Michael in the distance.

The highlights of the trip:

Davis Dominguez Gallery which is located in this wonderful cavernous space with arched trusses.

Dinner at Casa Poca Cosa where the food is super fresh and the menu changes every day. We ordered two plates where the chef chooses six samples of what’s on the menu so you don’t know what you’re going to get. It was great.

The paintings of Jesse Wood at Platform Gallery.

And best of all Obsidian Gallery run by Monica and James. My steel work is hanging on the wall behind the ceramic people.
I love the new location: great downtown vibe with lots of wonderful restaurants and pubs. We even had a beer at the Hotel Congress where John Dillinger was killed.


  1. I love that style of window frames. Most of the old warehouses turned studio/live work around here had a similar style but were "updated" to comply with Title 24 codes. I liked the operable windows that pivoted horizontally in the middle. Thanks - Floyd

  2. Thank you for the tour of Tucson! I'm here via Seth's Tech & Tools project, and I enjoyed your title area enough that I decided to look around and explore. Some of your posts were about your art, but I enjoyed your writing style so much that I decided to see if I couldn't learn something - and I did! You turned your living room into your studio, but my spouse gave me our bedroom for a studio and we moved into a smaller of three bedrooms in this house because she wanted her living room back! How great is that?

  3. It's a unique and wonderful space indeed. I just happened by during my few days in Tucson this past weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed my wander through the Obsidian Gallery. I was drawn to "Journey" in particular -- snapped a photograph of it, in fact, along with the title card so I could look you up when I got back to my computer (in Boston). Thank you!