Sunday, January 27, 2013

opening night

A little rain didn’t dampen the spirits on Friday night for the opening of the show at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. There was a great crowd to see some great art.

Pardon my back…that’s me talking to Jen Cushman, Tonia Jenny and her husband David. It was great to see them.

The juror’s statement pretty much left me speechless (you may have to enlarge to read). I floated all the way home.
The show is up until March 31st. If you're local it's well worth the trip.


  1. Congratulations Jeanie. The exhibition looks fantastic and I wish I could have been there with Jen and Tonia, talking to you face to face. Beautiful work!

  2. woooow! that's Ooozzoom! \m/. i'am from monterrey mexico and today was my second month at the welder scool ( excuse my bad englis) O_o u are amaaazing girl! u rooock!
    xo. martha lara