Tuesday, August 21, 2012

how did you score?

I try to limit my time on the computer or else I’d never get any art made. But every now and then I’m glad I did search around because there are some really wonderful blogs out there. Lissa Hunter’s is one I consider worth mentioning. It’s thoughtfully written about thoughtful subjects. Just last week she wrote an interesting post on evaluating your art by using the same criteria as they do for certain subjectively scored sports at the Olympics such as gymnastics. Here’s what she suggests:

Score your work by using a 10 point system in 3 categories:

1st scoring criteria: Execution
  1. Is it made well?
  2. Does it use the materials in an appropriate manner?
  3. Do shortcuts show?
  4. Is it well designed?
2nd scoring criteria: Artistic Expression
  1. Does it look as if you, and only you, made it?
  2. Is it derivative of your previous work or the work of someone else?
  3. Does it “say” what you intended?
3rd scoring criteria: Difficulty
  1. Was it challenging to make this work?
  2. Did it turn out exactly as you expected or did it surprise you?
  3. Did you learn something from it?
  4. Were you unsure at the beginning whether you could pull it off?

I am totally intrigued by this concept and think it would work for all visual arts including jewelry, sewing, assemblage, etc. and as a reminder of things I should be thinking about as I design I intend to post this list in my studio. Who knows I may even try it out on a future project. At the very worse it may expose some weaknesses but at the very best it will let me know what I’m doing well. Either way it will help me to critique my art with less emotion and be more mindful about the process. If I do an actual tally I’ll let you know the results in a future post and if you try it please let me know how it worked for you and maybe how you scored.

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