Sunday, August 26, 2012

ready, set....

I'm often asked if welding is enjoyable. The short answer is yes, most definitely, but the amount of time spent welding is pretty small compared to designing, cutting metal, grinding and general setup. Here's the latest piece I'm working on and you can see the amount of preparation needed before I actually pick up the welding gun. I guess it's a lot like pinning fabric pieces together before you start sewing. That's where the fun begins and it's so worth it to see the final results. I just hope nothing moves....


  1. Your process is so different than mine. It is very interesting to see what you need to do to get it made.

    1. Yes my art takes a lot of preparation and is very structured. Ironically my studio is a chaotic mess...

  2. Yeah, I can see how much preparations you’ve done before joining the pieces together. As much as we want to, we know we can’t go straight to the welding process and bypass other procedures. It will put at stake the reliability of the welds themselves. It’s looks complicated, but in the eyes of a welder, it means more fun! :D